Mama Mia.

Flint's First Week 038

So, I know little Flint has been in the world for a little while now, actually he will be a month old tomorrow, so this post is a tad delayed. But I have just been enjoying spending time with family and getting to know Flinters.

I figured that I need to go ahead and write down the experience before I forget it.

So here are the deets!
We went to the hospital on the evening of Christmas, at around 9pm, so that I could have a medicine put on my cervix. This would cause it to soften and start to dilate. Our doctor said that it could cause labor to start immediately, but maybe not. So we got to the hospital and got ready to spend an exciting night sleeping in the hospital! They gave me an enema (what every girl needs) and hooked me up to an IV, and we were ready to go.

The nurse told me that since everything looked good I was allowed to snack on food until midnight, which I loved since I wasn’t supposed to have eaten anything since 6pm, but silly me, I hadn’t eaten anything since 2. By the time I realized I needed to eat before we went to the hospital, it was already 6:30, so I was very grateful for the midnight allowance. Not that it mattered, because after I had been given the medicine, it didn’t take long for the contractions to start and with the contractions came throwing up. So Ty spent the night lying on an uncomfortable couch, unable to sleep because I was vomiting or in pain, he was a wreck worrying over me and not able to do anything but hand me another bag to throw up in.

I didn’t go into this completely for or against an epidural. I really just wanted to see how long I could last before yelling for the doctor to drug me up. But after spending the night in pain because the medicine softening my cervix caused my contractions to become stronger and painful, I was exhausted from no sleep. When it was coming on morning the thought hit me, “I want to enjoy my child when he’s here.” Not saying that women who opt to go all natural don’t enjoy their kiddos, but I knew that I was already too tired and the “true labor” hadn’t even started yet. So at around 6 in the morning when the nurse came to check on me, I told her that I was going to go ahead with the epidural. She just smiled at me knowingly and called for the anesthesiologist. So within the next half hour I was given an epidural and my doctor came in and broke my water and induced me. I immediately fell asleep, I mean I was numb from the waste down, what else was I going to do?
While I was sleeping, Ty was texting my parents telling them how boring I was being (he’s a really great support).

Around 9am the nurse came in and had me turn on my side so that we could encourage Flint to drop down lower, she came back 45 minutes later to check on me and said that I was about 4 centimeters dilated and she would be back at 10:15 to help me turn to my other side. While she was gone for that half hour I started getting this unsettling sensation. It felt as if I either needed to use the restroom or pass gas. Now for those of you who know me well, you know that for the past few years, my greatest fear when thinking about childbirth was not the pain or tearing or anything that makes any sort of sense, but it was *ahem* pushing out something other than a child…if you know what I mean…so I was a little nervous about this sensation I was having. So when the nurse came back to flip me on my other side, I sheepishly told her about what I was feeling. She said that it could very well be that I need to use the restroom, but before we turn me to my other side or try to figure out how to get me to the bathroom with numb legs, she would check how things were coming along. Her head popped up a bit surprised and she informed me that the reason I was having that sensation was because I was ready to have a baby. What?! I’m fully dilated already? I thought this was going to take all day! So she went and called my doctor to let her know that I was ready to start pushing. The doctor didn’t seem too concerned about rushing over because I guess it usually takes a little while to push these little guys out and she was only going to be there for the actual popping out of the babe. So, at around 10:40 we started pushing. The nurse was having a ball and kept telling me that I was doing great, and before we knew it she was twirling Flint’s hair with her fingers. She told me it was curly, which I was hoping for, just like his daddy’s. And then she had to tell me to kind of put the breaks on things. So just 10 minutes after they had first called my doctor, they had to call her again to tell her it was time! The baby was coming! The nurse said that there was just a thin band holding him in there, and she was very thankful for that band, otherwise he would have come slipping out. So my doctor arrived and it took about five minutes more of pushing and Flint was here!
Flint's First Week 015
Our doctor holding little Flint.

I hadn’t looked at any pictures of the whole experience until this week, and here is my favorite.
Flint's First Week 017
This is what Ty looked like right after Flint came into the world. I have a precious husband. And to show more of his preciousness…
Flint's First Week 040
This is him holding Flint for one of the first times.
Flint's First Week 004
And although I don’t look great, this is how dear Ty is, he was by my side the whole time taking care of me. He’s such a good hubs!
Flint's First Week 059
Our first family picture. We are finally home again!
I’m amazed at how much Flint has grown in only a month!
He has the greatest facial expressions!

And finally, here is me and my boy.
Flint's First Week 065

We love our little Flinterbutt so much and can’t believe that he is finally here! It’s weird not being pregnant anymore, it almost feels as if I’ve lost something, and it’s crazy that I can tie my tennis shoes by myself and actually be able to breathe the whole time! Actually, it’s crazy that my feet even fit into my tennis shoes.


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