Be on the look out!

I’ve had a few requests for workout updates. Just know that they are in the works (even if only in my brain)!

Flint and I have been running and eating clean. Just be encouraged that if it was your New Year’s resolution to get healthy, you are not alone! That is probably one of the biggest resolutions out there, but people give up too quickly! They want to see results right NOW and don’t realize that if they would have stuck with it just a little bit longer they would have seen/felt change start to occur. So stick with it! If a new mama can find the time and energy to do it, then so can you!

If you’re looking for some good resources or motivation, I would suggest checking out this website. It’s one of my go-to websites when I need to gain perspective and inspiration.

If you want to join me in this fitness journey, but don’t know where to start, I would suggest this plan!


Be on the look out! I’ll post what Flint and I are doing soon, so that you can be encouraged on your journey and maybe even follow along with us!


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