florida workout.

My mama is going to be in Florida next month and wasn’t sure what she should do for a workout (we’re having a weight loss competition between the two of us and she didn’t want to fall behind and let me kick her butt too hard), so I came up with the following.
Depending on your fitness level you can increase the number of reps for the exercises.
Originally, I had hoped that she would have the use of bleachers, but she doesn’t. If you do (like in a gym or just a staircase somewhere), then sub the “lap” for running a set of stairs. Run up 10-15 and walk back down. If you try to run both up and back, you could hurt yourself on the way down. Gravity is tricky that way.

Find a distance that is challenging, but not overkill, probably about the length of a track field. So a quarter of a mile.

Warm up by walking a lap.

1-Then jog the lap.
When you get to the end, stop and do 10 jumping jacks, 10 pushups (can do on knees), and 20 wide stance squats.
Rest for 1 minute.

2-Jog a lap.
Stop and do a combo move 10 times: burpee into frog jump into tuck jump (What I mean by a combo move is that you won’t do 10 burpees right in a row. You will do 1 burpee, then go right into a frog jump, then go right into a tuck jump. Do those moves altogether 10 times.)
Rest for 1 minute

3-Walk a lap.
Stop and hold plank for 30 seconds, then do 10 plank twists (one on each side = 1), and then 15 plank jacks.
Rest for 1 minute

4-Jog a lap.
Stop and do 20 narrow stance squats, 10 squat jumps, and 15 crunches
Rest for 1 minute

5-Jog a lap.
Stop and do 10 bicycle crunches (one on each side = 1), 10 Russian twists, and 15 sit ups
Walk a lap.

You’re done!!! Good job!


2 thoughts on “florida workout.

  1. I try do something similar to this often!
    One other thing I love doing if I have stairs with small steps available by the bleachers – Increasing the number of steps skipped each time I go up

    For example:
    First time – Hit every step
    Second time- Every other step
    Third time – Skip two steps

    and keep going until you can’t skip more!

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