Break that fast!

Ready to hear what you’ve heard time and time again? EAT BREAKFAST!
If you don’t eat breakfast, then start! It’s so important! Breakfast is probably the largest meal I eat all day. I’ve just been sleeping for 7+ hours and my body is deprived. I need to start the day with an energy packed meal so that I can be alert and functioning well. Sure you can go without breakfast, I did it for years, but I guarantee that if you make a healthy breakfast a habit, your body and mind will feel so much better.
Stop with the excuses and shovel that food in your mouth!

Here are some examples of what I eat for breakfast.


Scrambled egg whites, turkey sausage, and a grapefruit


Grapefruit, turkey bacon, “dippy” eggs, blackberry jam on toasted homemade bread (I make our bread so that I know exactly what nutrients are in it. I add extra oatmeal and flax-seed to our loaves to make sure that they are fiber packed!)

pancakesThis is what I had this morning, these are banana pancakes, but not in the way you’d normally make.  I also added a 1/4 cup of oats to have a complex carb. You should seriously try them! They are really yummy!


Here are some more examples, I just threw what I had onto the counter to give you an idea. Old fashioned oats, fruit, egg whites, turkey bacon, grape nuts, cream of wheat. Other good options that I don’t have on hand now are oat bran, any veggie, multigrain Cheerios…you could make a smoothie. I have Ziploc bags in my freezer that have strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, banana, and spinach in them. Before I went off dairy I would grab one of those bags, throw it in my blender and add some plain greek yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese. I’m not yet brave enough to just try it with rice milk or soy milk, but maybe I will after I build my courage.

My dear trainer, Priscilla would say that you could use ingredients and make an omelet or some such nonsense that takes work. I am a lazy bum. I just want to stick something in the microwave and go, especially if there’s a crying baby in the background and I’m only half awake. Saturdays are the day that I actually take the time to make Ty and myself a nice breakfast, but during the week I want quick and easy.

With a little one being at the forefront of my mind, I sometimes completely forget to eat myself and when I remember it’s almost lunchtime, or I only have enough time to grab a banana before I have to pick up Flint and feed him. But with my problem of not eating enough calories (especially now that I’m breastfeeding), even if I can only grab a banana or zap some egg whites in the micro, it’s better to do that than not eat at all. You need that energy!

Say it with me, “Calories are not bad”, they are your energy source!

In a later post we’ll talk about eating certain things at certain times of the day to help achieve your goal, like when’s the best time to eat your carbs or protein, but right now let’s just focus on getting a the day off to a good start.


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