Valentine’s Shmalentine’s

Confession – the hubs and I didn’t know it was Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t until my step-dad said something on Facebook that I realized that it was. I called the hubs and told him. He said he realized it when someone in the office gave him chocolates, and that to show his love he wasn’t going to eat them, but give them to me instead.  Yup. We’re super romantic.

But instead of stuffing your faces with chocolates that are filled with nastiness (we all know that only the caramel and cream ones are any good), try focusing on how you can make your diet cleaner. Jamie Eason has this great list of foods that she considers good to eat while training. You now have know excuse and can’t say, “But I don’t know what to eat!” Hop to the bottom for “small meal options,” like turkey muffins. They’re good! Like mini meatloaves.

Also, a short note on protein. It’s awesome. If you are lifting heavy (which I would recommend, ’cause it will make you a hottie) you should be eating loads of protein to help rebuild your beauteous muscles. If you feel like you’re not getting enough from actual food (i.e., egg whites, fish, chicken, and other lean meats), I would suggest taking protein in a powdered form. I have used Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey Protein. In my opinion the best flavor is the white chocolate, unfortunately they only sell it in the 5pound option. The only other flavors I’ve had are the milk chocolate (funny aftertaste) and the vanilla ice cream (good, but gets boring).

If you want to look at a different brand of protein, make sure you check out the ingredients and it says that it contains protein isolates.

If you find that you get hungry in the middle of the night, I’d suggest taking a casein protein (again look for protein isolates). I’ve only ever had the cookies and cream, which I think is good. The difference between the casein and whey is that the whey protein works through your system faster, so it’s good to take it right before or after a work out. The casein digests slower, so will help keep you fuller longer, like at bedtime when you are in “fasting” mode for several hours.

I’m sad that I have to stay away from my protein right now since I’m dairy free for little Flint’s tummy. But as soon as he can handle it, I’m jumping back on board!

And on that note, I’d like to encourage you to go find yourself a friend and a gym and practice my favorite power lift, the clean and jerk!  Build those muscles! Just remember to be safe and start light until you get the hang of it. The first time you practice there should be no weight in your hands, just practice the motion! You’ll instantly feel macho.


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