New name

So Tumbleweed Mama it is! Thank you, Steve Million for the idea! For your prize you get to have the knowledge that my dream is to someday return to Alaska (although I think you already knew that). 🙂

Since we’ve moved I’ve seemed to have lost my mojo in every area of life, but I’m trying to bring it back! I feel as if I’ve forgotten how to use the internet in the short time we didn’t have any. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but writing this blog is a huge motivator for me, and I think that’s a big reason my I feel like a blob.

As Flint is getting older I’m finding it harder to work out with him alongside. Before I could just put him in his car seat for naptime and cart him around and he’d sleep through anything. But now he’s more alert and not even the rocking motion of the stroller will put him to sleep. Kind of frustrating, but it just means that I have to rethink my plan.

So please give me some encouragement! I need to kick myself into gear and I really need your help!


6 thoughts on “New name

  1. First of all….LOVE THE NAME! Way to o Steve! Secondly, You can do it, Reese! It will get harder and you may not be able to work out t the same time each day ’cause of Flintster, but do what you can. I’m kicking myself cause I can’t seem to get into a routine like I had in the ‘Ville…but hopefully as I continue to gt settled, I’ll find my niche. Love you!!

  2. I know you can’t do it. Can’t wait to come see the new place. And if you ever need a babysitter while you work out….or need a workout buddy – I will do my best to make myself available. 🙂

  3. This work out thing will take care of itself once flint starts moving more. Lyla makes my neck hurt just watching her.

  4. These two new chapters in your life (two new guys) is the start of the best part of life. It goes by in a blur, just spend the day making memories- on the go with Flint; soon he will lead you on more adventures. I think the things I cherish most are those unexpected moments we shared with the kids or my wife.

  5. I started a reply but it disappeared?…. What I was trying to say is you are and will be a great Mom! The fact that you question your abilities is the first clue. It is an important part of your life and you will strive to do your best…. Don’t allow others to wreck your confidence. The important issues are that you have a good relationship with your child and that You and Ty agree on your methods. Even if you disagree you need to work out that difference out of earshot from your kids. Children thrive on consistency and building trust.
    About your workouts…Don’t be discouraged that you can’t keep up with the same routine…Your life has now changed and the routine will definitely be different. Add Flint to your daily workout. It will be your playtime together. There are lots of lifts and stretches that he will totally enjoy and you won’t even know it’s a workout! Well,…you probably will. But a great time to have fun together and build a lasting trust and friendship.
    Do you have a good stroller? Dianna has a geat three wheeler (one wheel in front) and it is stable and easy to manuever. She goes somewhere daily. I don’t know what your car situation is but they walk a store or two on bad weather days. There is a Kaladi Brothers not too far from the house. She has learned to make good choices when she gets there.
    Anyway, it’s time to focus on the changes you can make that will make the most of what you have. Not to focus on what has changed in your life.
    When I met Steve, I went from living alone for 6 years to being married,moving changing jobs being a mother of 3, changing churches(denominations), changing my name, In fact I couldn’t think of anything that was the same at the one year point. And yes, I cried a bit…but today I wouldn’t go back to change a thing. (only a few minor things).
    Live it and love it and be confident in who you are and the God that you believe in!!!!
    Love you

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