challenge and review

If you’ve never been over to see Claire at Peak313 Fitness, I would encourage you to. She’s awesome!

Yesterday she posted this workout and I’m excited to try it out tomorrow morning! Will you try it with me?

I’m be getting up at 5:30 (ugh!) to ride my bike to the University’s fitness center. I figure it’s the only time I can do a hardcore workout, while both my boys are still asleep.

Remember this motto from Cassey over at blogilates, “Train insane or remain the same!”


Ok, so I got up this morning and road my bike to the gym and tried out Claire’s workout.

It was a really great workout! I loved the variety. Unfortunately my body hasn’t fully recovered from having a baby recently, so I had to keep running to the bathroom whenever I came to the sprinting portion of the workout. 🙂

The 3 things that I would like to make you aware of before you try it are:

-Be careful when you do the step-up tricep presses. As you go through the workout you’ll get more worn out and maybe won’t really be paying attention to where you’re stepping. Remember that the treadmill is still moving!

-It would probably be good if your weights were squared off on the ends, not round.  For the burpees it was difficult for me to do the rows because I couldn’t keep the weights stable. Maybe the weights were too big and that had something to do with it?

-When doing the plank walk and bear crawl, check out the texture of the belt on your treadmill. The ones at our gym are kind of texturized so my hands and arms are all burned and scraped up. Another factor that contributed to that is that our treadmills don’t go below 1 speed and the workout says to go at a .5-.8 speed.   But I have a fix for these things! Instead of doing them on the treadmill, grab yourself a towel, and if the surface of the floor you’re on is not carpeted, then put the towel on the ground. Get into plank with your feet on the towel and drag your feet behind you as you do the plank walk or bear crawl. This might be more challenging then doing it on the treadmill as you have to not only remain in plank, but you have to move your body weight.

All in all, I think that this was a great workout! Just take it slow the first time through and once you’re used to the timing and everything then crank it up a notch!

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