miracle baby

I woke up this morning with a start as my alarm went off at 5:45. Why hadn’t I heard Flint cry an hour or two before like he has consistently for the last month? Is he still breathing? I ran into his room to find him sprawled and sleeping contentedly. At that time he had been asleep for 10 hours straight. I breathed a sigh of relief and was amazed.
I got ready to work out and stood next to Flint’s door watching him sleep, he started to squirm a little bit. I got nervous, thinking that as soon as I left he was going to wake up and start crying and wake up Ty. I know that Ty is more than capable of taking care of Flint, but I don’t like him to have to manage a crying baby when he has to go to work. I want him to get all the rest he can. But I knew that if I chose to stay, Ty would be upset with me that I didn’t go to the gym. He would roll his eyes at me and say, “Honey, I could have handled it.”
So I went.
When I got home there were two sleeping boys each in their own bed. Everything was just as I had left it. I wanted to jump on Ty in excitement and yell, “He’s still asleep!” But I knew that wouldn’t go over well. Then I started wracking my brain trying to figure out what I did that was different this night that made him sleep. I could think of only one thing.
Yesterday evening Ty asked me if I wanted to start sleep training early (I was originally going to start tonight). I shrugged and figured we might as well. Then I turned to Flint, who was on my lap, and said, “Flint, be prepared! We’re going to let you cry if you wake up at 3:30 like usual. I know you can make it to 12 hours. You’re a big boy! So just make it easy on us all and just sleep, ok?” That was it. That was the only difference in how we conducted the night.
He now has 5 more minutes to go to make it exactly 12 hours. I am completely amazed. I have some sort of miracle child!

On another happy note, when I worked out this morning I ran a mile. Yes, I who hate running, ran a mile at the same pace and without getting a drink, and at the end I didn’t want to die AND felt like I could go longer. Although it may seem like a very lame accomplishment to some of you, it’s huge for me! I am very proud of myself! It’s going to be a GREAT day!


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