grilled cheese

I’ve just discovered that it’s grilled cheese day.

Have I told you how much I love grilled cheese? For almost all my childhood and teenage years it was my food of choice.  Whenever we’d go to a restaurant, that would be the item I would order.  It didn’t matter what restaurant we were eating at, super nice or crummy, grilled cheese is what I wanted.  It wasn’t until college that my food of choice changed, and then it went to chicken caesar salad, which isn’t exactly similar to grilled cheese AT ALL.

creepy grilled cheese girl

My brothers would probably say that this picture is a correct representation of how creepy my love for grilled cheese was (secretly still is).

When you eat grilled cheese, it is acceptable to dip it in tomato soup.  It’s really quite delicious to let it soak up all the tomato-y goodness.  But you know what’s an even better option?  Ketchup.  I don’t know if it’s because I live in Texas now, but whenever people put out condiments for sandwiches or hotdogs or for whatever reason, ketchup is never there! Why is that? Just another reason Texans are crazy, I guess… But truly, the best way to eat grilled cheese is to completely slather it in ketchup.  I don’t mean just dip it in there, I mean to totally cover the sandwich.  When I was younger you couldn’t even tell there was a sandwich.  I didn’t even put the ketchup “on the side,” I just squirted it all over the top of my sandwich and reveled in the glory of the ketchup-cheesy-goodness that was on my plate.

I wish that I could be transported back in time when it was acceptable for me to eat like this.  Before I knew about whole wheat bread or skim milk.  When life was good and I created mud cakes outside in the driveway.  What has happened to that innocence that didn’t care what people thought when I smashed my face into a plate of ketchup?

I miss it.


One thought on “grilled cheese

  1. I love you! When y’all come visit I’ll make you grilled cheese.

    (Ya’ll was used to make you feel at home & grilled cheese will be made for you ’cause I love you…but mostly because I want to win our competition.) 🙂

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