mind trick

This morning, after I fed Flint, the hubs and I walked to the closest park so that I could go on my weekend long run. Granted, I’m still at the very beginning, so a long run isn’t all that long. I was supposed to go a mile and a half, but deep down I wanted to go longer. Two days ago I went a mile and a half and I thought that I was going to die at the end. My body was just so tired. But today is a new day and the weather is absolutely PERFECT! So I went out knowing that I would do a mile and a half, but hoping that I would go farther.
The loop around this park is a half mile, so it’s just perfect. Ty and Flint were walking/strolling behind me and rooting me on the whole way. They’re such good cheerleaders! So I went. My pace is still as slow as a dead rhinoceros, but I’m concentrating on distance right now, not speed. I have to keep reminding myself of that throughout the whole process. The funny thing about running, and working out in general, is that it’s such a mind game. You’ve heard it said before, and maybe even said it to others (I know I have), but if you think that you can’t do fill-in-the-blank, than you can’t. Since I hate running so much, it’s so easy for me to fall into the mindset of, “Oh woe is me, I hate running. I can’t do this. It hurts. This is stupid.” But over the past few weeks I’ve really been trying to overcome that obstacle. Today as I was plodding along I had to keep telling myself that “I COULD do it. The distance really isn’t that far. Priscilla would kick my butt if she saw me giving up.” So I kept going. I just concentrated on swinging my arms and breathing deeply.
And lo and behold I went past the mile and a half mark and zoomed on in to two miles. I really did try to “zoom” the last half a mile, but unfortunately my bladder said, “hey. quit it. you just had a kid.” and then it just totally rebelled. So that made for an interesting walk home.
So I am very proud of myself today. Even though when I got up this morning thinking about going two miles looked very unlikely, but afterwards I felt so good. So wonderful that when we got home I topped it all off with an ab workout. Granted, now I feel like Jell-O, but really happy Jell-O.

I just want to encourage you, that if there is something that you want to accomplish, but whenever you get down to actually doing it your mind tells you NO, then fight back. That negative attitude is a habit, and you CAN break it! Just stay consistent and push through. Think of phrases that you want to say to yourself. When I’m lifting weights and the last few reps feel like they’re going to kill me I say over and over again, “KILL IT! KILL IT! KILL IT!” Silly, but it gets me through. You’re not always going to have someone next to you to encourage or challenge you, which is my biggest problem. I need that support, but I have to learn how to challenge myself and come out on top. If I can do it, then you can, too!


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