rainy day

I guess it’s time that I officially introduce my little quilting business, Jullyn Designs.

Jullyn Quilt Designs Logo(If you’re viewing this through Facebook or on a mobile device it makes the green look garishly bright. It’s not! It’s more of a soft olive green.)

Where does Jullyn come from?  It’s my middle name, which is a combination of my grandmothers’ names, Julia and Marilyn. It’s pronounced like “jewel-lynn.”

At Jullyn Designs we specialize in personalization (okay, there’s no “we”, but it sounds so professional and mysterious!), I have a little trinket that allows me to design and cut out pretty much any letter or shape.  You can commission a quilt that has your baby’s name and birthdate on it, or a verse or special quote that you like, or a character that you just love or reminds you of your little one (i.e., an owl, bug, fish, etc.). Really whatever your heart desires!

Using applique is not the only way I can personalize your baby quilt, I can also add embroidery.  Now I do not have a fancy embroidery machine, I do all embroidery by hand, and I like it that way!  There is just something about hand embroidery that screams SPECIAL and LOVED!

As for the pattern of the blankets, I’d like to keep them simple, I really want the personalization to pop, and to do that there shouldn’t be too much background noise.  So you probably won’t find very complex designs like you can find on traditional quilts, but the more basic and linear designs on modern quilts are what will be showcased here.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce my first official Jullyn Designs quilt to you!

Here is the Rainy Day quilt:

Rainy Day Quilt 1 Rainy Day Quilt 2 Rainy Day Quilt 3 Rainy Day Quilt 4 Rainy Day Quilt 5 Rainy Day Quilt 6 Rainy Day Quilt 7 Rainy Day Quilt 8

Flint and Quiet Bunny were my models and Flint had to make sure that the quilt was baby proof. So, yes, it has been chewed and puked on.  If you’re concerned about one of the quilts standing up to multiple washings and getting stained, please know that the quilt I made for Flint, still looks like new.  Granted, he’s only been using it for barely over 4 months, but he has chewed, puked, and had a few blow-outs on it. After MUTLIPLE washings it still looks like new! If you’re worried about your baby’s bright yellow breast milk poo that seems to stain everything, all you have to do is put some original Dawn on the spot and scrub with an old toothbrush, and that takes it right out.

I’m very pleased with how this quilt turned out. Unfortunately, what you can’t see in the pictures is the quilting design.  And for those of you who aren’t familiar with quilts, the “quilting” is the design used when stitching the front, middle, and back layers all together.  It’s a very basic framing of the blanket, but in the center I quilted some clouds.  they turned out really cool, so I wish the camera could have captured them.

So here’s the deal, kids, this quilt is for sale! Because of the amount of time I put into it, I would normally price it at about $90-$100, but since it’s my first one and since the stitching around the binding isn’t perfect, I’m going to cut it down to $75.

If you’re interested in buying this quilt or in commissioning one, then please contact me at jullynquiltdesigns@gmail.com. (and don’t worry, I’ll wash the quilt before I send it to you!)

I would love to hear from you and would love even more to work with you!!!

The materials used were a lime green minky dot for the back, and for the front the fabric line SOAKED by Jenni Calo.

Every quilt is hand pieced and hand embroidered (when applicable) and made in a smoke free/pet free home.  Each blanket is washed in hypoallergenic detergent (Tide free and gentle) for those babies with skin sensitivities.


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