Ok, So I have been putting off and putting off writing this post.  I felt if I actually wrote these words and sent them into cyberspace, then I was taking away any possibility of not following through.  And, honestly, it scares me to follow through on this…Why? I’m not really sure.  But here it is, people, I’ve started to train for a half marathon.  Yikes!

Who in the world would ever want to run a half marathon, let alone a full marathon?! People who are out of their minds, that’s who!

My goal is to run at least one half marathon before I get pregnant again.  I have no idea when I will be pregnant next, but the “plan” is sometime early spring of next year.  So I have a lot of time.  As of right now, I have a training schedule that has me running the half marathon in Lubbock at the end of September. I feel if I can do that, then I will be able to run another one on my birthday, December 15th, in Ohio with my mama.  The more and more I run, the less daunting 13 miles seems to me, but I know it’s going to be hard and that I’m going to want to give up at some point.  I guess that’s why I didn’t want to tell you about it, ’cause if you know then you can hold me accountable, and I can’t renege.

But, oh well, there it is. I’m a runnin’. Wanna do it with me?


3 thoughts on “procrastination

    • I had told him about the one on my birthday, it’s in Sandusky. I don’t know if he’s gonna do it or not, but it’d be fun! You should do it, too, Beth, now that you’ve got shoes! 🙂

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