left to my own devices


Have you seen this cartoon yet?

It is sadly spot on. This morning I was left to my own devices and did not get up because the weather said it was windy outside.  Windy!  Okay, I do hate to run in the wind.  Does anyone else feel like they can’t breathe when it’s windy out?  But it was still a pretty lame excuse.  So, this afternoon, I’m going to have to pack up Flint and go to the university’s gym and run my three miles on a treadmill….which I happen to hate more.

Oh well.  As long as it gets done, right?


2 thoughts on “left to my own devices

  1. That cartoon is me!!!! And I know it is not the best thing :(. I have convinced myself of stomach pain the past few mornings, so it is ok to sleep in. Amazingly, I am ‘healed’ by the time I have to be at work…. guess I will be getting up in the morning to run.

    • Haha! I know what you mean. Every night I pray that God would help me be disciplined and have energy in the morning. But when the alarm goes off, I feel the Holy Spirit nudging me, but I tell him to quit it and let me sleep.

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