paper underwear

I hate strongly dislike three things.  Laundry. Dishes. Showering.

I know that these are all essential to our daily life, but sometimes I think, “Really?! What’s the bleepiddy-bleep point?”  I don’t mind washing clothes or dishes, it’s the folding and putting away that gets to me.  I’m just going to use/put on this item in a half an hour, so why put it away?  And as for showering. It takes too much time and my hair is gonna get puked on in 5 minutes anyway. It’s not like I go out into public for people to see me, the only person who sees me all day is the Spew King and he likes it when I smell like sour milk.

As I was folding our mountain of laundry yesterday I told Ty that after so much folding I feel like I’m going insane. So here was the conversation that followed:

Ty- “Well, Honey, what can we do to help you so it’s not such a burden for you?”

Teresa- “Get a maid.”

Ty- “Okay, what would be a cheap or free way to help you?”

Teresa- “I guess I could just do it and not complain.  Or complain.  Both are free.”

After that conversation I spoke with my mother about it, and through her sage wisdom I have come to a conclusion that will help this whole process. Paper plates and paper underwear.  Let’s go disposable, people!  Who cares about landfills when my sanity is on the line?!

I don’t know if you’re in the same boat as me, if you’ve got laundry and dishes (and bathing) down pat, please don’t tell me.  I may swing my puke hair in your face.  And if you’re so awesome with it, please just come over and do mine so that I can just sit and read my new Orson Scott Card book and pretend to have no responsibility.  But if you are in my boat, then please help me come up with a plan to hijack our local maternity ward to steal all those stylish undies we had to wear after we gave birth.


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