country bumpkin

This evening I am dreaming of the little backyard farm I hope we have someday. I have no idea if it will ever happen, but I love to think about the animals we will have: 1 cow, 2 sheep, 3-5 chickens, and some cats and dogs.

I get super giddy whenever I research the things we need to know to have these animals and all the possibilities that could happen when we do.  Cheese! Milk! Eggs! Wool! Poop! Who doesn’t want that stuff?

I remember that when I was younger that my brothers used to tease me about being a country bumpkin, because I’ve always wanted to live in the country on a small farm.  I’m not quite sure why it would offend me so much when they did tease me, ’cause it sure is true!  Now I am proud of being a wanna-be country bumpkin!  Anybody with me?!

Do you have any dreams like this?  Do you secretly wish your weekends were spent shearing sheep?



love this family’s blog:


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