I have been informed that I’m a horrible person because of my blogging failure. Thanks a lot, Kelsey. Okay, not really, she would never ever say anything so mean. She just informed me that she misses my blogs. They help her fall to sleep at night. 🙂

She even gave me an idea of something to write about, so to honor my dear friend and running partner, I will write of my new phone.

I used to be cool. I used to live in Alaska, talked to moose, and had an iPhone. I am no longer cool. I live in a house made of tumbleweeds, talk to a baby who pukes on me every 30 seconds, and have a free un-smart phone.
I really miss my iPhone. But since we live as cheaply as possible (yes, I married a tight-wad…he knows it’s true), I could no longer have my pretty phone that helped me to not be lost. That was my biggest justification of having it. I could get lost in my home-town, so I need something to get me places! It was very helpful living in Anchorage and then Dallas. But not only did I marry a frugal man, but he is also a cartographer. Well, not actually, but he does have a map for every state and when he gets bored he’ll pull out one and study it. He pretends that we’re going to take a trip somewhere and will memorize the roads in that state. When my mom and I got lost on our way from Alaska to Ohio, we called him to ask him where to go. I am not even kidding. This is my husband, and he is the reason why I no longer need a GPS. But with no longer needing a GPS, I no longer “need” an iPhone. Sad day. Bye bye, iPhone. So for the past two years I have had my little rinky dink phone with the cheapest plan I can have that still allows me to text. At the end of every month I have to tell my mom to stop texting me and that I can’t text her anymore because I’ve run out of texts. She gets rather rabid at these times because she wants pictures of the baby that lives in my house. She’s really demanding.

So I have been hoping that some day my cool factor would rise again and I could perhaps have something that tells me where I am and how many emails I have, will let me text picture of Flint as much as I want, and won’t charge me an oodle amount. I knew that hoping for something like that wasn’t actually in the stars, but I still dreamed.

Enter Republic Wireless.

Starting next week I will have a smart phone with unlimited text, data, and talk for just $19 a month.  Whaaaat!?  I know! That’s basically insane.  This may not work for people who are around and about most of the time (like a lot of people), but for someone like me who stays at home 90% of the time, it’s PERFECT!  It uses Wi-Fi to do everything and if ever you’re not near Wi-Fi, then it hops over to Sprint’s network.  You should definitely check it out if you are consistently near Wi-Fi, like I am at home.

So that is my phone story.  Still not really cool yet, since I am still surrounded by tumbleweeds and puke, but at least now I can text pictures of these without any limitations!

Thank you, Kelsey, for the inspiration.


3 thoughts on “horrible.

  1. I NEVER said you were horrible, but I do like how you used that for inspiration and a title. Thank you for sharing about your money saving cell phone tips. It is definetely something to think about and I am sure your mom would love more pictures of Flint!

    If you ever want to share your running plan, or how your running is going, or even what Flint ate one day – I would LOVE to read it. 🙂

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