My older brother posted on Facebook about missing Midwestern thunderstorms, and it completely threw me back to my childhood.

We used to sit on our huge stone porch and watch storms as a family. It makes me tear up just remember those wonderful days of being snuggled up together on the porch. Did your family ever do that? That porch has a lot of memories for me. I remember listening to Steven Curtis Chapman in my CD player and dancing on the porch, swinging around the pillars. I was convinced that those who drove by and saw me were so jealous and thought I was amazingly cool.

Whenever Ty and I talk about what our home will someday look like, I insist on a large porch.

Another memory that thunderstorms bring back to me are how scared I’d be if there was a tornado warning….or maybe watch….I never remember which one means what. But we would go down to our basement and sit in laundry baskets full of blankets and pillows and eat a frozen fruit dessert. Okay, so maybe that only happened once, but it’s one of my favorite memories.

And another memory, that has nothing to do with storms or porches, is Star Search. (Does anyone remember that show? Ick, I’m old.) We used to perform for our parents as if we were on the show. I know. We were pretty much the cutest.

keller kids

I love to think back on my childhood and the things my family did together. We were a pretty fun bunch. 🙂 But now we’re spread across the world (quite literally) and it will never be the same. I’m so thankful for those times, though, and I’m so thankful for where we are in life now. I can only hope that my kids can make just as many awesome memories as they grow up.


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