Grammy time

So my mama has been here for the past week visiting us and getting to know her grandson better.  It’s weird to me that she’s a grandmother…it’s weirder that I’m a mother.  Sometimes I just look at Flint and think, “Are you seriously my kid?”

But anyway, it’s been lots of fun. We still have a couple of days left with her, which I’m thankful for.  Flint has just loved spending time with her.  Before she came she was so nervous that he was just going to stare at her blankly or scream because she was a stranger.  It didn’t matter that I told her that Flint doesn’t do that with anyone, she was still convinced that he was going to do that with her.  And it makes her heart full to watch him smile when he sees her and giggle up a storm when she plays with him.  It’s fun for me to watch them interact.  With her here it also gives me a break from doing the dishes, so I’m definitely not going to complain! 🙂

I truly cherish these moments.  Even though Flint won’t remember these times, Mom and I will, and I think that’s what’s important.  When those teenage years come when he wants to be dropped off a block away so he won’t be seen with you or when he rolls his eyes with I try to hug him or yells, “Mom, get off!” when I try to wipe something off his face with my spit.  I can remember these days when he was so sweet and giggly and just loved to be held in our arms.


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