oregon trail

This is going to be short, but I just wanted to tell you how excited I am!

I just got my sourdough starter in the mail!
I’ve been making our bread instead of buying it at the store for almost two years and I just absolutely love it. I never do it the same way twice, but it’s almost always turns out great and is always an adventure! It’s like a little science project that I get to do every month. I just love to watch the yeast bubble and rise. It’s like there’s a living thing in my kitchen…well, technically I guess there is.

Well, Ty loves sourdough bread so a while ago I started to research what went into transforming my boring oatmeal sandwich bread into glorious sourdough. I was a little overwhelmed. It seemed like too much work for me! And then to realize that I needed something called a starter? What the heck is that? Basically (and I still don’t have it all sorted out in my noggin’), there will be a living thing in my fridge that I have to feed to keep alive and I can make delicious things out of it. I’ll take a little of it, instead of buying yeast in the store to make my bread, and however much I take away, I feed back into it with flour and stuff.

I’m super excited to reactivate the starter that I just got (I haven’t even opened the envelope!) and experiment! One thing you might be wondering is why I didn’t just make my own starter? Well, I was going to, but through my research I found that it can sometimes take YEARS to get a good starter, and I wanted bread now! There are places you can buy starters, but through a lot of the resources I found, they talked about Carl’s Friends. This dude named Carl Griffith has an 1847 Oregon trail sourdough starter that has been preserved in his family for over 150 years (it kind of creeps me out that these things can last that long!). All you have to do is send them a self addressed and stamped envelope and they will send you back a starter of your very own, without the years of perfecting, I might add!  So if you’re at all interested, you should check them out! I plan on making our sandwich bread, waffles, pancakes, and who knows what else with this baby!

But speaking of babies, I’m gonna go now, since my little Flintster barely needs any support to stand up and it freaks me out. He’s going to be walking across the room tomorrow. Okay, he won’t really, but that’s what it feels like and I want him to go back to the days of immobility!


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